1. 2017 will be the year of the junction. In it the Lord will bring His people, the peoples and the nations into the boarder of decision (See Jl.3:2).
    2. It is the year of cross roads (See Jer.6:16).
    3. The only way to navigate in 2017 will be to learn to Wait upon the Lord (See Ps.46:10; Pr.3:5-6; 2Cor.3:17-18).
    4. 2017 will be the year of boundaries and extremes.
    5. 2017 is the beginning of God’s time for Nigeria, the era of man having effectively ended in 2016. (See our Book, God’s Eternal Plan for Nigeria, Messenger Publications, 2016). At the dawn of 2017, Nigeria stands at the Gate of Time.
    6. The sixth seal has been opened and this will result in the shaking of kings, nations, institutions, systems and planetary systems and indeed all creation (See Rev.6:12-17).
    7. God is causing human systems to fail to give advantage to His house and His people (See Is.2:1-4; Mic.4:1-2).
    8. The Lord is releasing creative inventions and ideas on His people to generate wealth to fund The Gospel of the Kingdom (Ex.31:1-11). Instead of joining the people of the world to complain, they should seek Him to empower them the way He empowered Bezaleel and Aholiab. (* The youth especially should seek God in this area and He will give them mind shattering creative ideas – See for Eg. Deut.29:5).
    9. God will judge harshly three classes of people in Nigeria and Africa, whose cups are full before Him – The false prophets, the political class and the military.
    10. God is warning His people against the schemes of hell against their soul – The Ponzi schemes, mmm, currency trading etc. Those who seek to engage must beware of Mammon, and also seek the Lord to be sure He is permitting them to avoid damage (See Pr.3:5-6; Matt.16:26).
    11. God’s answer for Nigeria is David – To raise a righteous branch through whom He will restore the desolations of many generations. Those looking for any other solution especially from the present political contraption led by APC will be heavily disappointed.
    12. The Ancient word warns, the power behind all creation says, the only ones who will overcome are those who learn to work by His word and His Spirit, and who make His word the final authority in all things.
    (Summarised from the word of the Lord received on 12-12-16 and proclaimed from the Revival Altar, Lagos).
    Messenger !!
    Emville, Akpulu.
    January 2, 2017.

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  1. Success says:

    God bless you sir! My heart lips with joy, for this is a confirmation to all the lord has been saying to me.