Messenger Missions has a mandate from God to prepare a people that will be like catalysts to trigger the Revival that will lead to the return of Christ in glory.
We train a people that have the culture of being like living Altars who wait before the Lord and then to publish the word we hear in the place of His presence to the Church and the Nation. (See Ps.26:6-7)
Our vision includes raising prophetic vessels who like the Gideon Army are able to turn the battle to the gates of the enemy.
The team is led by Isaac Ezeh, who is a Lawyer by profession, Prophet by calling and a Patriot.

Our Team

Jacob Felix

OlaOluwagbemiga Olugbenga

An environmental health technologist by profession but primarily a messenger of the Most High operating in intercessory & prophetic ministry.

Isaac Ezeh

A lawyer by profession and prophet by office. His passion is to see the Apostolic/ Prophetic Church restored and the Kingdom of God established in the spheres and the nations.