I have watched the heated debate on the different platforms about the violence that is presently unfolding in Israel.
Most of what I have seen are emotional reactions that have not taken cognisance of all the relevant sides to the issue involved. I am therefor compelled to bring this intervention and Prayer direction.

First, God is a God of mercy but also a God of judgment.

Using His people as an example, He showed humanity His righteousness and demonstrated in Israel the fact that He will always judge perversion and immorality.
When His people went into idolatry under the watch of Aaron when Moses went up to receive the Torah He responded in judgment and about three thousand of His own people perished (See Ex.32:1-35).

In Numbers 25, as they journeyed through the wilderness and displayed extreme perversion before the Camp of God, the Lord brought a plaque that killed twenty four thousand of His own people in the Camp of Israel.
God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and set is an example of how He will deal with perverse nations in all generations.

oday, Israel that is supposed to be a Holy Land, the foot stool of God on earth is the Headquarters of the Gay Movement.
Yes, Tel Aviv is the Gay Capital of the world, and they have extended the madness and perversion to Jerusalem, the city of God and the Headquarters of God’s Government on earth.

A righteous God will visit these things in judgment.

Notice that many of the people that died initially in this recent conflict were caught in a wild party. Almost an orgy in what was supposed to be the high point of a holy feast.
For those who are linking what is happening with Israeli persecution of Christian, we should also understand the prophetic scriptures.
Israel is under a veil brought by God Himself in His wisdom to make room for the Gentiles to be grafted into the Christ tree.
The Bible says that blindness has happened to Israel until the Times of the Gentiles is fulfilled.....