2017 is a strategic gate into a new era for your nation.

2016 will be the 30th year of the prophecy by My servant (Pa Elton) who sacrificed his life to lay the foundation of the apostolic ministry for your nation.

2017 is the 50th year of the rebellion against me that originated from the East of your nation which is a place of much light, much opportunity, much abundance both in terms of spiritual, human, material and natural sources but also a place of much waste and much darkness. (See the prophetic word for Eastern Nigeria, Igbesa 2015). The East is both a waste place and a place of much promise. It is a waste place because of what occult men have done over the years, but also a place of hope and light because of My mercy, My purpose, My calling and My ordination.

I do come to judge rebellion in My Church, in the East and then in your nation.

Stick out your neck the way I caused you to do (on 28-3-16) and write clearly an open letter to your brethren from the East, My beloved city. Show them clearly from what I have shown and will show you My counsel for the East, My purpose, My calling and My journey. Show them clearly where I am going and what I have set my heart to do.

When you do that, there will be much reactions and cries and agitations but it will also serve My purpose. I am pleased with what you did yesterday (In writing about the danger of human hair attachments) and I have blessed you for that obedience.

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