In recent times, there have been questions and controversies surrounding the issue of the true fathers of the nation.
Some people for whatever reason draw up a long list that includes all the heads of different denominations.
I am led to make some contribution in this regard because the Lord has taught me along this line and also given me some revelations.
The issue of fatherhood is important now because we are living in the last days of the present age and the quest in the father’s heart is to inherit some nations that will transit with the Lord Yahusha Ha-Mashiach into His millennial reign.

The sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross is central to God’s plan for inheriting the nations because of what happened in history and how Elohim responded to the various falls in the history of creation especially the fall occasioned by the Nimrod instigated rebellion in Genesis 11.
God responded to that rebellion in three major ways:
First, God dispersed the inhabitants of the earth to different regions.
Second, God confused their language so that they could not understand each others speech.