The Coming Feast Of Pentecost & The Biblical Feasts

I was in conversations with the Lord on Tuesday, 10-5-2022 when He spoke about the coming Feast of Pentecost.

The coming Pentecost is a season of visitation and encounters for the chosen. In the coming days, I will open the gates of heaven and send different personalities to teach, instruct and prepare the elect and chosen ones for the new season that will commence after the Feast of Pentecost in 2022.
It is a season of light where the morning stars shine brightly on account of the purification and impartation that will result from fellowshipping with the personalities I am sending to them at this time.

> Prepare for this Pentecost with fasting.
> Ask for grace.
> Ask for illumination.
> Ask for light.
> Ask for impartation upon impartation for there shall be a Transfer of Mantles and a sharpening of Mantles already given.

The coming Pentecost will see the release of light from My presence and the lighted ones also.
It will also be a season to discover the secret paths that lead to the hidden riches of secret places.

Conversations 10-5-2022.