In the visions that come in the morning season at the beginning of the third watch:

I saw the David of God wearing work clothes, white long sleeves shirts rolled up, light blue overalls and brown work booths.

He was standing in a large field without boarders directing workmen that were mobilizing heavy duty trucks of different hues.  Some of them were diggers, some excavators, some of them with heavy rollers and some of them heavy duty caterpillars that looked at the same time as military trucks.

The field was border-less and as I watched a heavy storm was gathering in the skies across the northern border. This wind generated a storm that appeared to emerge from nowhere, driven by a fierce wind from the north, became a hurricane with an eye that looked like a monster, formed in the shape of a red dragon, emitting fire from the center of its eyeball and it was coming as a flood in the direction of David but the objective was to stop the work and wash away both the builder and the equipment.

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