Interesting Time (1&2)

Jehovah, the creator of the heavens and the earth deals with nation states in seasons! (Dt. 32:8-9, Acts 17:24-26). The Lord often shifts His attention on particular nations states at different times following an eternal calendar whereby He works out His purposes and pre-determined counsel. At various times, different nations have been on the spotlight-beginning from Eden where it all started. Giant nations like Spain, UK and France enjoyed economy boom at various times as a result of heaven’s spotlight. In the same vein, America’s unparalleled excellence asides being the global economic and military power sterns from the fact of the spotlight of God resident on the nation on account of the covenant of the founding fathers of the nation.
Nigeria as a nation has God’s mandate to kick-start the revival that will lead to Christ’s return in glory. In the midst of much religion and idolatry, there is a true church and a remnant that God finds faithful in Nigeria. He has reposed confidence in their devotion and service so much that He has moved His throne and Altar to Nigeria- what more interesting time could the nation ever have than the fact that the Throne and Altar of JEHOVAH is presently turned Nigeria-ward!

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